The Mind Hygiene Habits

 Which Habit Will Help You Clean Up Your Thoughts Next?

You've been developing your Mind Hygiene Habit around CONNECTION to ensure that you have a good sense of your purpose and who you are. Now it's time to look at your Mind Hygiene Test results to discover what was the dirtiest area of YOUR thoughts... where did you score the lowest?

Our aim is to ensure that you have healthy Mind Hygiene Habits in ALL areas of your thinking. That's why there is are 6 more Mind Hygiene Habit Workbooks, for you to work through, which are full of practical advice and resources to clean up your thoughts!

Each workbook contains insight, apps, books & resources to support you in developing healthy habits and a specific binaural hypnotherapy track to change your subconscious thought patterns, which you might not even be aware of!

We encourage you to choose 1 behaviour or activity in the workbook and use the wall chart to tick off when you have consistantly practised it for 30 days, as this develops it into an unconscious habit.

Access a different workbook each month in the area that you want to 

Clean Up Your Thoughts!




Does your energy need a boost? Maybe you have trouble sleeping, or you have dirty habits around healthy eating, drinking water & exercising daily? This workbook will help you create healthy habits to invigorate you.



Sometimes, various aspects of your life just don't align. You might be living your values in your relationship but compromising them at work. This workbook helps you discover your core values & shows you how to live a life ON purpose everyday.



You know that you could be SO much more but you get in your own way? You don't believe or trust yourself to take the action that you know will make the difference. It's time to take control & reclaim your power.



We are only as strong as those we have around us. So if you are feeling alone, invisible & unable to ask for help, then come & discover how we've got your back.



Our bodies were designed to be active and that requires us to maintain movement. But when we get stuck in a procrastination trap, that can draw to a halt! If you want to learn how to be effective, productive & to keep energy flowing throughout your body, then this habit is for you.



Do you feel like you are living your life on autopilot? Things happen to you rather than you making them happen. You might feel helpless as there are unconscious sabotage patterns overruling your actions. Let's change all of that so you live a conscious life in full control.